By M. Sue Alexander

Jesus: the Appearance – Time of Jacob’s Trouble Book 10

Mary Taylor never lived a perfect life. Only after the Rapture did she accept Jesus as Lord. Raised from the dead, a preacher of the Gospel, she was respected by the Christian community. But as God’s last judgments blast the world, she emotionally and mentally unravels in unexpected ways. Opting to serve God more fervently, she abandons her family. The deaths of loved ones wrapped in heartache drives her to act in irrational ways. Believing that facing the Antichrist will give her closure, she travels to Jerusalem. Her only hope rests in the return of Jesus. He rectifies all wrongs. Only then will earth experience perfect peace and social justice. Walk the last mile with Mary through the fiery trials of the last three years of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

Meet Sue Alexander

In 1997, a prophetic dream enticed Sue Alexander to embark on writing the “Resurrection Dawn 2014” series.  Since 2003, Sue has published twenty-seven books online with Amazon Books.  Her next project is a 10-book series entitled, “Time of Jacob’s Trouble,” a scenario set in the End Times as seven years of tribulation on earth plays out in real time with her characters.

Other Books

Resurrection Dawn 2014

The story opens with Victoria Tempest regaining old memories. Recalling the night of her near-fatal accident, she launches an investigation into her husband’s murder, which occurred the same night twenty-five years before.

All Rise

Jon Branson is tried in court for violating the principles of PEACE FIRST, a decree that limited religious freedoms. Victoria returns to Fernwood with Georgie Hendricks, who learns some startling information regarding Victoria’s deceased husband.

Encounters of the God Kind

Be amazed at how God works in the lives of ordinary people! Encounters of the God-Kind is a devotional-type book featuring a compilation of stories told to M. Sue Alexander plus some of her own phenomenal encounters.


The Time of Jacob’s Trouble series continues the drama played out in the Resurrection Dawn 2014 series. People who were not raptured by Jesus in Fernwood, Tennessee, must endure seven harsh years of tribulation before Jesus returns as triumphant Priest and King.  The twists and turns in this series kept me guessing.  The author effectively combines biblical prophecy with an interesting storyline.

It’s a great read!

– Sharon Haller, Connecticut

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