A novel is a lie! It’s the truth. Authors either write non-fiction, or total truth. Or non-fiction, which is an untruth, or a lie. However, to make a lie believable, the story must be threaded with truth. Isn’t that what Satan did when he told the original Eve in the Garden of Eden that she could be like God if she ate the fruit he offered. What Eve didn’t realize, she was already like God. Without sin and life eternal. Only when she believed the lie, and ate the fruit, did she become unlike God. But my writing is not so serious, even though I lie in my stories. A good writer will intertwine fiction with non-fiction in order to make the story more believable. I’ve tried to do just than in all my novels. One exception, I wrote “Encounters of the God-Kind” which is my personal experiences with miracles including stories that other people shared with me. See my website for information on my stories. God bless and keep writing. We all have some talent.