March 17 is one month away. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated as both a religious and cultural holiday by Irish worldwide. This “Feast of Saint Patrick” began with a single young man born in Britain. At sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and became a slave in Gaelic Ireland during the 5th century A.D. After shepherding in Ireland for six years, he had a divine dream and was converted to Christianity. He escaped and returned home to his family in Britain and studied to become a priest. As a missionary to Ireland, his testimony converted thousands to Christianity. He used a three-pronged green shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity, so modern-day celebrations always include the color green. Leprechauns are often associated with this holiday, thought to be mythical small people wandering around Ireland. I was never one to believe in such beings until I snapped a picture of my deck one summer a few years back and captured a small image. After viewing the printed photo, I could not sleep well for a few days. We all know the Holy Spirit is invisible, but do we have other creatures roaming out planet? I wonder. See what you think about my photograph.