What does a hug mean? I did some research on the web and discovered XOXO is the symbol for hugs and kisses. The symbol represents sincerity, faith, love, or good friendship, and may be signed at the end of a letter, email, or SMS text. Something happened recently that put “hug” on my mind. I was attending a forestry meeting with my husband and we had a special guest with us: a young woman from a province in northern China. After the meeting, I sought her out and introduced myself. She was in Dickson County to learn more about planting trees and managing them. We spoke briefly then spontaneously I hugged her. When she clung to me much longer than I expected, I began to pray that China and America would have a better relationship in the future. If two people from different continents can have a moment of hugging to share the symbol of respect and friendship, maybe world peace is possible. If you care to investigate hugs and kisses further, you can Google it. One other tidbit of information: Christians used the X symbol to sign documents during the Middle Ages when they could not write their names. The X is a cross symbol, thus Xmas is sometimes used. The O symbolizes a kiss because it resembles an open mouth. When nonbelievers, like Jews, came to American and could not write their names, they signed legal docs with the O symbol. Eventually, XOXO became a common symbol for hugs and kisses. One other thing: find someone to hug today. It is a most gratifying feeling of warmth and love.