Summer of 1952, I was twelve when I looked out my attic bedroom window late one night and spied a round blazing object. It paused as if to see me then flashed on. Next morning, it was reported on Memphis news channels that many UFO sightings had occurred in West Tennessee. Later, my cousin Jack and his Mexican buddy hid under his truck parked on a mesa in New Mexico when a round spacecraft hovered over them. From the Prophet Ezekiel’s first report of viewing a “wheel within a wheel,” it appears that alien spacecraft has been visiting our planet. Recently, multiple pilots have exposed sightings of UFO’s. Regular folks are uploading their UFO videos worldwide. Even small beings have been filmed. Apparently, these beings are watching us. I wonder why? Do they know something about earth’s future that we don’t? Maybe God sent them to observe humankind. Maybe these beings are from other solar systems and came to help us. OR NOT.