People choose whether to love their neighbors or hate them. Jesus’ commanded His followers to first love God with all their hearts, minds, and souls, then love others as they love themselves. Yourself, really? If you cannot appreciate your own God-given attributes, how can you recognize goodness in others? My mother always said charity begins at home. When families are torn apart by bigotry, hatred, jealousy, or lying, there is little hope for love. Today in America it appears hate outweighs love. We argue more than we agree on topics such as education, religion, immigration, or politics. We want to kill our relationships with harsh words We are so quick to judge others rather than listen to their complaints. Isn’t it time for Americans to change their focus? Be kind to others, especially in their own families? Can we not have civil conversations rather than arguments? Are we not a nation of law and order? Can we try harder to respect the opinions of others even though we differ in ideas, principles, ideologies, religion, or politics. Let’s set a higher standard for living hence forward.