Deceiver: Time of Jacob’s Trouble Book 6


Life is topsy-turvy for residents in Fernwood, Tennessee, following a devastating earthquake. Detective Andrew Taylor returns home from Canada, failing to locate the FPD’s stolen murder evidence that would convict Caroline Sullivan of multiple murders. The police station has moved to a temporary location due to the quake’s damage on its building. While Mary is away doing God’s business, Drew becomes angry and insecure. His psychiatric counseling with Dr. Susan Parrot plummets him into more difficulty. Meanwhile, a lottery is held at the Roman Vatican to select the seventy who will elect a new Pope. Vigilantly, God’s Two Witnesses and 144,000 Messianic Jews preach the Gospel and dispense God’s judgments across the globe.  Deceit prospers at every twist and turn as people struggle to survive the End Times.  But God is still in control and Lord over His creation