False Prophet: Time of Jacob’s Trouble Book 7

False Prophet

Who is this False Prophet of the Bible? The one prophesied to support the Antichrist when he rules the earth as a god? Mary Taylor worries her young son Andre, the appointed Catholic Pope, might fulfill that role. Since Andre often speaks of his Other Father, perhaps demonic control is involved. Mary returns to Fernwood to assist Cory Lindsey in the care of his sick pregnant wife, Alexi, while husband Andrew holds up in in a safehouse after being attacked in prison. Mary worries Rabbi Michael Thoene is making a mistake in trusting a beautiful seductive woman. The Two Witnesses are expected to arrive in Jerusalem mid-way of the seven-year Tribulation and face death. While God’s judgments impact humankind, the 144,000 Messianic Jews will soon attend a reunion in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, a huge asteroid threatens to annihilate the earth.