The Forum: What You Believe Matters

The Forum

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Afterlife. This slow-burn mystery will challenge the intellect of the most astute reader. Life is a series of doors through which people enter and leave, some planned, some unexpected. People are connected through bloodlines, geographically, and sometimes spiritually. Most have an interest in how they fit into the bigger scheme of life. Few have a clue. Thirty-four-year-old male protagonist, Jacob Barker, happily married with two young children and a beautiful wife, finds himself catapulted to a place outside the limits of time after a fatal car accident. At an undisclosed location, people of various ages have gathered to discuss their futures based on guidelines understood only by the mediator, a man called Peter. How they respond to questions will determine where they go next. Conversations between participants are explosive, diverse and frustrating. Jacob Barker struggles to keep up.

Six weeks later, Jacob is back at his old job, privately trying to figure out if what he experienced was real, or merely a dream. After obtaining a list of the people who died following the accident, he contacts the survivors—those brought back—to see if they were at The Forum. The plot twists as Jacob realizes there is more than meets the eye to the accident. In a process of discovery, he determines to survive his enemies, finding comfort in an abiding faith in a Supreme Being. This thought-provoking novel will leave the reader contemplating the event long after the last page has been read.

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