The Image: Time of Jacob’s Trouble Book 9

The Image

People living fifty years ago could not fathom a person called the Antichrist creating an image of himself that walked and talked. At least not until genetics took a huge leap at the end of the 20th century and deciphered the building blocks of the human gene. It is now possible to create a robotic-human. Suddenly, the events recorded in the Book of Revelation in the Bible are not fantasy anymore. Too close to the Antichrist because of their son, Pope Andre, Mary Taylor faces difficult decisions. Serving God and attending to her responsibilities as a wife and mother to David are often in conflict. Much happens in this storyline as the countdown to the return of Jesus continues. As you read, you will be surprised, joyful, sad, angry, troubled, and possibly learn more about God’s judgments on humankind and earth than you want to know. Yet, from this story, you will glean spiritual nuggets. And no read is better or more powerful.