“I am reading The Four Horsemen and loving it.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to have ideas and plots and characters like these in my head.  I feel like they are real sometimes.  Your perfectionism shows in your writing.  Can’t wait to read the next sequel.”  Maryanne Schoenbaum

“I have now read over 25,000 manuscripts. This series rates at the top for intrigue and spellbinding Christian fiction and will keep you glued to its pages from start to finish. Writing is superb.” Joseph S. Johnson, Retired Book Editor

“Shocking, disturbing, inspirational. Author writes with amazing insight into the future, the very near future. A must read!” Shirley Mitchell, Retired Teacher

“The author builds an exciting prophetic intrigue that presents the revelation of God’s Word and His promise in Jesus Christ.” Francis Grafton, Teacher

“I try to figure out what’s going on while being totally absorbed in the character of Victoria Tempest. Alexander brings this story to life.” Libby Brown

“This compelling narrative causes one to reflect on the ultimate realities concerning Christ, salvation, and the end time.” Dr. Jim Chatham, Tennessee Pastor

“This fast-moving story keeps the reader’s attention. Uncannily, the author weaves together events and people in such a way that makes the reader want to know what happens next.” Nell Meriwether, Retired teacher and Author

“This series captures the essence of what is taking place in American society today-scary but believable.” Nada Pitts, West Tennessee Resident